Community Care Choices


What is Community Care Choices?
Community Care Choices is a Palliative Care Program that provides compassionate care to patients with serious illnesses through symptom management, education and support.

Our specially trained staff in collaboration with our patient and their physician will develop an individualized care plan to provide comfort and pain and symptom management to improve quality of life. Through Community Care Choices, a patient’s physician will continue to manage care in partnership with our staff. Our team also provides education, support and other community resources.

How Can We Help?
• Manage symptoms such as nausea, pain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, anorexia (loss of appetite) and shortness of breath
• Encourage proactive participation in healthcare decision making
• Discuss healthcare options and values and create a patient centered plan to meet individual care needs
• Prevent unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations
• Provide emotional support and improve quality of life for patients and families

Community Care Choices Team Includes:
• Primary Care Physician or Specialist
• Medical Director
• Registered Nurses
• Nurse Practitioners
• Medical Social Workers
• Chaplains
• Local resource partners

To learn more about Community Care Choices call 209.578.6333.