Community Hospice helps healthcare providers achieve improved outcomes for patients facing a life-limiting illness. Our approach to care offers patients, caregivers and families the opportunities to have their needs met at a variety of levels. In collaboration with our healthcare partners, our patient care teams provide personalized care to meet individual needs and assure peace of mind.

Partnerships include working with local healthcare providers, hospitals and care facilities to ensure the highest quality care.

Our Patient Care Team

Community Hospice has a team of experts with experience you can trust. Our Medical Director is experienced in Hospice and Palliative Care and many of our nurses and other clinical staff are Certified in Hospice and Palliative Care within in their respective fields.

Our comprehensive patient services include: physician visits in patient homes, an inpatient facility–the Community Hospice Alexander Cohen Hospice House, a full-service Durable Medical Equipment Division, Gabriel’s Friends a pediatric hospice program and a specialty Veterans program.

Medical, nursing, emotional and spiritual support are provided using an interdisciplinary team that includes:

Medical Directors • Nurse Practitioners • Nurses • Attending Physicians • Social Workers • Interfaith Chaplains • Home Health Aides • Dieticians • Volunteers • Grief Facilitators

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