Advisory Council

Community Hospice honors select individuals who have made significant contributions in a variety of ways to the growth and development of the organization by appointing them to the Community Hospice Advisory Council.  The Advisory Council serves in an advisory capacity for an array of topics, provide networking opportunities when needed, and to keep the organization informed of any changes in the community that may impact the health and growth of the organization.

Members are selected from past Board and Friends of Hospice Members who served with distinction and excellence, and actively participated in multiple terms of service, consistent philanthropic support, and/or made significant non-financial contributions to ensure the success of Community Hospice.

The Community Hospice Advisory Council is established in accordance with the Bylaws of the organization.

Mrs. Sue Allen • Mr. Jeff Cowan • Mr. Tom Eakin • Mr. Gary Ervin • Mr. Clive Grimbleby • Mr. James “JD” Grothe • Mr. John A. Grover
Mrs. Sue Hudgens, CPA • Mr. Ross Lee, Esq. • Mrs. Janine McClanahan • Dr. Larry Podolsky, MD • Dr. Bruce Valentine,DDS • Tom Van Groningen